Birthday Sentiment :)

In the process of making a birthday card for my Dad. I decided to make a birthday sentiment  I liked the idea of a card I had seen some where which has different coloured letters  for the word birthday.

So  please download the sentiment here  (please note it is slightly different to the one used on this card as I had to add the word Dad!)



Birthday Card

Here is the birthday card I made recently for my grandmothers 80th Birthday!

So I made a cute word sentiment for this card.. download it here


Today I decided to start my own craft blog. Over the last few months I have got into making cards and some other crafts. In the process I have tried to keep things on the cheaper side and looked at a lot of freebies I could download and use. In the process I found I could make similar items for myself. So this blog is here to share with you all the things I make along the way so other can enjoy them as well. I will also be sharing my cards etc I make. So please comment on anything I share and make sure you read the terms and conditions